The incompetence at Sydney Trains is just staggering. Sure, delays happen, but they don’t even seem to know where their own train are at the moment. 

A pretty good ranking. Porte definitely deserves to be the favourite heading into the Tour.  I think they have overrated Froome and Quintana, and underrated Contador though.

Froome underperformed at the Dauphine, and Quintana is backing up on a far from convincing Giro, while Contador show promise, while keeping his focus clearly on the big prize in July.

Tour de France favourites: Form ranking |

Uninspiring show by Bethesda. Nothing really new or exciting, just more sequels and yet more versions of Skyrim. I’m still not sold on VR, and pretty confident that Doom and Fallout aren’t the games that will change my opinion.

With Anthem, it looks like Bioware just recreated Destiny. Not that that’s a bad thing if they’ve done it well.