Uninspiring show by Bethesda. Nothing really new or exciting, just more sequels and yet more versions of Skyrim. I’m still not sold on VR, and pretty confident that Doom and Fallout aren’t the games that will change my opinion.

With Anthem, it looks like Bioware just recreated Destiny. Not that that’s a bad thing if they’ve done it well.

Clever ride by Fuglsang to pip Porte by 10 second at the final stage. Was a courageous ride by Richie to almost peg everyone back after a tactical mistake early on. Really promising for the Tour next month.

Another dominant performance by Porte to cement his lead. Promising rides by Talansky, Bardet, and Contador, who all look to be riding themselves into good form. Froome has work to do.

Really enjoyed Monument Valley 2. It’s just as magical and inventive as the original. My only complaint is there there isn’t more of it!

So happy to see Porte in yellow. Looking good for him. He dominated in the time trial and stuck with the best in the mountains.

Watching the UK election results with interest. Based on early results, it’s Looking like May made a huge political miscalculation.