Really enjoyed Monument Valley 2. It’s just as magical and inventive as the original. My only complaint is there there isn’t more of it!

So happy to see Porte in yellow. Looking good for him. He dominated in the time trial and stuck with the best in the mountains.

Watching the UK election results with interest. Based on early results, it’s Looking like May made a huge political miscalculation.

So far, so good. Awesome ride by Porte on stage four. Seeing off the world champ and putting him in striking distance of yellow 🙂

Very happy with Apple’s WWDC announcements. The upgrades to iPad were badly needed and have me thinking about using the iPad more seriously again. iMac Pro and HomePod both look awesome and are things I can see myself buying. 

This is a test post, but it also includes a picture of Izzy rocking her PJ’s so it doesn’t completely waste your time.

With the Dauphine starting today, the cycling season kicks into high gear as we run up to the Tour de France. And at this stage, I think Richie Porte has to be the favourite for the Tour de France. Both Froome and Contador have had fairly subdued early seasons, devoid of big results, and Quintana was less than electrifying in the Giro. In contrast, Porte has had a winning start to the season and looks to be in awesome form.

Most years I get pretty bad sinus infection in the spring or summer. I thought I had dodged it this year, getting through both seasons, unscathed. I really didn’t expect it to catch up with me at the start of winter. Such a pain.