The Tour started with more of a bang than I was expecting. Heavy rain and tricky surface conditions meant riding fast was risky. Froome got the best of the favourites, taking the most risks and reaping the reward. The same equation didn’t work out as well for Valverde, who is sadly out of the race with a serious injury. 

With Froome so far in front of his main rivals already, it’s looking good for him. He’ll have to watch his pack though and there is plenty of incentive for the other favourites to team up against him in the early mountain stages. 

iOS 11 completely transforms the iPad. Drag and drop plus the dock makes it so easy and fluid to get work done.

What a totally bonkers race. One of the best races in years! It had everything, crazy crashes, lots of passing, safety cars, red flags,  Hamilton being a child, and some Vettel road rage. This is the kind of race that F1 needs. Most appropriate though, was the Aussie weaving his way through the chaos for a win. ADR’s radio as he crossed the line says it all, he couldn’t stop laughing. Here’s hoping F1 can keep this up.

If this is the response of Uber employees to the removal of their toxic CEO, then Uber’s cultural problem might be impossible to fix.

I can safety say, anyone arguing that transport as a service will replace car ownership is fucking nuts. I’ve had to rely on Uber for the last few days while the car was getting fixed and it’s slower, less reliable and less convenient than just owning a car.