What an idiot. We should never build another coal plant and we should accelerate the closure of those we have left. If we don’t we all suffer. ‘Now’ is the time for new coal plants, resources minister says - Australia news - The Guardian

That’s is very cool. >> kottke.org

Excited for folders!!! ZBrush 2019 World Premier March 5th – Pixologic : ZBrushLIVE


Impressive and cool. SWANH, Is 123m of Star Wars a New Hope of infographics

Damn. The old guy still got it. 🏀streamable.com

Amazing. No-deal Brexit panic after ministers realise the UK doesn’t have the right pallets for exporting to the EU - Business Insider

When will these platforms get it through their head. ‘Smart algorithms’ and ‘user flagging’ do not work. You need to hire actual people to do actual moderation. Self-Harm Clips Hidden in Kids’ Cartoons - Slashdot

Add this the huge pile of reasons why Elon Musk shouldn’t be the CEO of any company, let alone one on a knife edge like Tesla. SEC declares war on Elon Musk after another misleading tweet - Ars Technica

I know keeping Kawhi fit for the playoffs is important, but it’s a little concerning that he still isn’t playing back-to-backs this late in the season. 🏀