Why the interest in the Surface Go? It’s just a shitty, underpowered PC. If you want an ultra portable machine, the iPad Pro is the only sane choice. iPad software is built with the power and limitations of the iPad in mind. PC software isn’t built for slow crappy PCs.

Deciding World Cup soccer matches by pentalty shootouts is ridiculous. Just go to golden point and play until someone scores.

Another excellent episode of Revionist History. You’ll learn something from this one. overcast.fm

Entirely agree with this take. Google’s push for HTTPS everywhere is damaging and unnecessary. The vast majority of websites don’t collect any data from users and don’t need to use HTTPS for any practical reason. Google and HTTP

Froome being allowed to race the Giro and the Tour de France after being chaught cheating is a disgrace. Cycling’s reputation was slowly being repaired after years of drug scandals and they have throw all that progress away by allowing a drug cheat to race.

Damn I feel sorry for LeBron. I really hope he finds himself on a team with some decent team mates next year! 🏀