Love the Overcast update. Great UI refresh and Apple Watch features. Still the best podcast player on iOS. [Overcast](Overcast by Overcast Radio, LLC

Nice to see Google Maps add CarPlay support. I find Apple Maps more reliable, but it’s nice to have an alternatives for those occasional times it does something stupid.

Absolutely loving OmniFocus 3 on the Mac. Brings all the upgrades over from iOS, with those special Mac feels. I can’t wait to see what @omni does with the web version. Will finally make OmniFocus a complete solution.

To all those saying there is no point upgrading from the iPhone X to the iPhone XS because ‘nothing changed’, you’re flat out wrong. The huge update to neural engine in the A12 unlocks a whole new class of apps and experiences. It’s worth the price of entry on its own.

Congrats to Simon Yates. He deserved the win. Hopefully it’s the first of many. 🚴🏻‍♂️